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  1. Each week players select one team that they believe will win. A team  can only be chosen once within a season. (The system will show you your  previous weeks' picks.)
  2. For a player to "survive" in the pool their selected team must  win. If their team that they have chosen for that week has lost the  player will be eliminated from the pool.
  3. The winner of the pool will be the last one standing. If at the end  of the pool there is more than one player remaining the pool  administrator will determine the tie breaker or declare the season a  tie.
  4. All picks must be in prior to the start time of the first game of  the given week. If the player fails to enter his picks before that time  he will forfeit his pick and be eliminated from the pool. The pool  manager has the ability to reinstate players.
  5. Even if players are eliminated from the pool they are still able to log in and follow the seasons' standings.
  6. NFL standings will be automatically updated after that weeks' first  set of games within an hour of each set of completed games - Thursday,  Saturday, Sunday afternoon and evening, and MNF.
  7. Year-to-date standings will be updated after the completion of every week's MNF game.
  8. Removal of Thursday night games is not an option for Survivor pools.


We have simple tables for standings.


Survivor standings.PNG