Straight Up Pick Sheet
  1. Leaders of pools or pool divisions will be determined by most correct picks. Most right wins.
  2. Ties for the week will be broken by the selected total points prediction for the last game of the week.
  3. The absolute difference between the players prediction and the total combined score of the last game will determine the winner. You can be over or under the actual total, the person closest wins.
  4. If the tie isn't broken after the last game then the players with the same amount of points in first place are deemed to be tied for the week.
  5. Picks must be in prior to the start time of the first game of the given week. The pool manager will set the amount of time, from a default set of choices, before first game time. If the player fails to enter his picks before that time he will be awarded 1 point less than the total right of the worst player in the pool or pool division. The pool manager can reduce or increase the 1-point penalty or may choose to implement a 'no pick = no points' option for the pool.
  6. NFL standings will be automatically updated after that week's first set of games within an hour of each set of completed games - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon and evening, and MNF.
  7. Year-to-date standings will be updated after the completion of every week's MNF game. A running total of the tiebreaker guesses is also kept and can be used to determine the overall winner (at the pool manager's discretion).

Picks Grid and Standings

A popular feature of our site is the "Picks Grid". It's a single view of the entire pool, including picks and points.

We also have simple tables for standings.

Pick Grid.PNG

All tables can be easiliy exported to PDF or Excel formats.