A "No Login" pool is one where you, as the pool manager, enters picks on behalf of everyone in your pool. A link is provided for Standings that you share with everyone.

No Login pools use "Pool Teams" (instead of Pool Members). As the manager, you must create the pool teams (very easy!).


Switching between "No Login Required" or not will remove your exist pool members or teams AND THEIR PICK SHEETS. Only do this if you are just starting your pool or do not care about the current picks entered.

Set up

  • Go to your pool settings from the Home page (Switch Pool if you need to first).
  • Check off "No Login Required"
  • Save your settings

Next, enter Pool Teams from the Home page.

  • Click Pool Teams
  • Add, edit, or delete teams
  • A team only requires the name. This will show up in Standings and when entering picks.


To enter picks, simply click Pick Sheets from the Home page. Select the pool team (and week number) and you're off!


On the Home page, you'll find a link that you can send out, post to Facebook, Tweet, or whatever!