The NHL Player Draft format allows the pool owner to select the amount of players allowed to be picked by player.  The pool owner may also choose to have standing access for the players and only allow the pool members to have access to the standings.  This way, a regular draft can be held with the players choosing NHL players in a rotating draft and the owner will enter the choices.

Points will be awarded after each days games are played and will be displayed as total points but will be shown as goals and assists - 1 point each (standings page shown below)

Example of NHL standings for a pool

In the NHL Player Draft format multiple draft entries can be activated during set up. The message board feature is also available during setup allowing the poolies to 'trash talk' through out the season. 

Once the NHL Playoff season begins - quick links will be available onsite to take poolies to the playoff team rosters.  During the course of the season - NHL player's teams that are eliminated in the playoffs will have a their name crossed out in the standings to show a lost player.