Site Updates

The picks grid has been modified and activated in its entirety.  The information will show the current picks by player once the deadline for the week has passed thusly eliminating any chance of players taking early advantage of other players tiebreak scores.  The games that have been played and updated will display a green block around them if they were picked correctly.  Points indicates the total amount correct.

All pick sheets that are completed and emailed upon confirmation or printed at time of completion will show the spread regardless of the pool format (Survivor format excepted). 


The email function for all pool managers is working as designed and now allows managers to select as many or as few users to email as well as displaying the distribution list prior to sending to users.  There are a maximum amount of characters available(1000) so large communications are not encouraged through site email.


Date stamping of pick changes and saves will be displayed at the bottom of any individuals weekly picks when being viewed in the standings page after the deadline for the current week has passed.  Use the audit function shown at the bottom to toggle open for review.


Posted on September 25, 2011 .