NCAA March Madness 2014

March Madness is back!  Start your bracket pool now.

  • Every pool participant picks winners for each game, filling out the bracket completely.
  • Points are won for each of the successive rounds in the bracket.
  • Points are default set by the computer from lowest to highest by round. (ex. First round = 1 pt, Second round = 2 points)
  • Pool owners may change the points awarded per round.
  • A guess for the combined total score of the championship game is used as a tie-breaker
  • Multiple brackets may be entered for each player

Only $10 for unlimited members -- or $8 if you are a returning customer.

The Madness starts on March 19th, so start your pool soon!

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PoolTrackers House Pool

Our House Pool is a free Straight Up Pick 'Em pool, available to everyone! 

Join today (free registration required, if you don't have an account with us already).

We will hunt around for prizes, but in the meantime get your picks in! 

Pick sheet is due before the first Thursday game, or if you miss that deadline, you still have until before the first Sunday game to get the rest of your picks in.


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Confidence Pools - Always 16 Points

We've made a change this year for Confidence pools that will always show "16" as the highest point value that be selected.

So, for bye weeks where there are 14 games, the point values will be from 3 to 16 (instead of 1 to 14, as before). 

This should give pool members the best chance each week to keep up in the overall standings of the pool! 


New Confidence Points

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NFL Season Starts September 5th

2013 NFL Pools are ready to go!

New users our rate is $15.  Returning users you should Migrate your pool!  Migrating your pool offers several benefits:
  • Save 20% off your registration fee -- only $12 for your pool now
  • To receive the discount you must migrate your pool members over to your new pool. They will receive an email to activate themselves.
  • Keep your settings from last year's pool
New features for 2013 (optional settings in your Pool setup screen):
  • No Log in Pools - members do not have to register or log in to see the standings.
  • Missed picks automatically generated - users that missed will receive either home, away, favored or underdogs.
  • Game picks per week can be limited.
  • Multiple entries allowed for all pool formats.

We look forward to hosting your pool this season!


- Darin & Derek
Double D Pools

Posted on August 6, 2013 .

NHL Playoff Pools coming on April 28th

We are Winnipeg boys and are very excited to have our Jets back in town.  As such, we are introducing NHL Playoff Pools to our site on April 28th.  The format being launched will be a Player Draft format.  The pool owner may select the amount of players chosen by each poolie.  Points will be awarded for goals and assists at 1 point each.


Please come back and have a look at this new pool format and give it a try.


Darin and Derek

Posted on April 21, 2013 .

New NFL Pool Features Launched

We're happy to add a few new features for this year's pool formats. You can turn theses on or off, depending on how you want to run your pool.

No Login Required

If you run a pool where you don't expect people to login and enter their picks, checking standings, etc. then you'll want this option. You will get a publicly-accessibile address that people can follow along with for standings and pool news. You will have to enter everyone's pick sheets, as manager. This is available for Confidence Ranking and Straight Up Pick 'Em formats.

Number of Games

You can enter the number of games that your pool members will have to pick each week, instead of the full sheet. This can speed up the entry of sheets and might attact more people to join your pool. This is available for the Straight Up Pick 'Em format.

Missed Picked Sheets

There is now an option to have pick sheets created (after your pool deadline) for memberes that have missed the deadline. You can select to auto-pick the home, away, favorite, or underdog teams. Note that this will cancel out any penalites that you may have set for your pool, for missed sheets. For Confidence pools, the confidence value will start at 1 for the earliest game, and increment by one from there (ie. Monday game would be worth 16). This is available for Confidence and Straight Up formats.

We hope that you enjoy these new features! Please let us know if there's anything else that you would like to see added.

D & D



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Site Updates

The picks grid has been modified and activated in its entirety.  The information will show the current picks by player once the deadline for the week has passed thusly eliminating any chance of players taking early advantage of other players tiebreak scores.  The games that have been played and updated will display a green block around them if they were picked correctly.  Points indicates the total amount correct.

All pick sheets that are completed and emailed upon confirmation or printed at time of completion will show the spread regardless of the pool format (Survivor format excepted). 


The email function for all pool managers is working as designed and now allows managers to select as many or as few users to email as well as displaying the distribution list prior to sending to users.  There are a maximum amount of characters available(1000) so large communications are not encouraged through site email.


Date stamping of pick changes and saves will be displayed at the bottom of any individuals weekly picks when being viewed in the standings page after the deadline for the current week has passed.  Use the audit function shown at the bottom to toggle open for review.


Posted on September 25, 2011 .

NFL Pools now live

The season has started but it is not too late to start your pool.  We allow you to select the week you wish to begin your pool - sign up now!

Check out our brand new applicaton at

Login with your previous login & password or sign up if you haven't joined before.

Just $20 for returning customers. Unlimited pool members. Same great customer service.


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