We are pleased to present to you a very versatile and user-friendly site to help you manage all of your sporting pools.  We are constantly improving our site based on userfeedback to help us create a very innovative and interactive site forpool administrators and pool users.  Please see below some of the main features that our site can provide for you.

Site Features

  • Regularly scheduled updates for all hosted sport pools, shortly after games have finished.
  • Quick time results from updates to standings.
  • Pool message boards (aka. "Trash Talk")
  • Fast and efficient support for users and administrators.
  • Easy, simple and functional design for users and administrators.
  • Spam free. Pop-up free.
  • Privacy protected.

Pool Manager Features

Total Pool Management!

  • Quick pool setup with pool customization for most pool formats.
  • Login not required (option) for your pool members
  • Pool hosting payment through Paypal (Note: this is not for poolies to pay fortheir pool)
  • Easy access to help through on-site guides, FAQ and quick support.
  • Complete pool user management - picks, profiles, stats andstandings.
  • Import mass users for large office pools (contact us for service)
  • Export stats to common data management formats for distribution (Excel, PDF, CSV)
  • Pool migration to new seasons, new sports or pool formats
  • Weekly pick alert to see poolies that have not entered picks for thecurrent week.
  • Email function to contact all pool users through the site.
  • Pool news area that is pool specific for user communication. Pictureupload available to paid pools.

Pool Member Features

  • Quick setup for log-in and pool entry.
  • Easy access to help through on-site guides, FAQ and quick support.
  • Pool user profile management.
  • Contact pool manager directly through the site.
  • Printable 'picks grid' to follow the action week to week.
  • Very user friendly environment.

Thanks for checking us out.  We look forward to serving youin the near future!!

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