1.) General Information

2.) Pool creation

3.) Picks

4.) Standings/Updates

5.) User profiles/Passwords


 1.) General Information

When was pooltrackers.com launched?
pooltrackers.com started in July, 2003 as footballpooltracker.com. We have evolved into more sports formats so a name change was necessary.

What can I do on pooltrackers.com?
You can run your own office or personal pools in a variety of sports but allow us to manage all of the difficult and time consuming tracking and statistical details for you.

How much does it cost?
Please see our rates.

Can I join more than one pool?
Yes! Click on Join Pool and enter the pool name and (optionally) the password. Our bracket pools also have an opton for the pool manager to allow multiple brackets by a single user that just need to be individually named. 

Will any of my personal information be sold or given to other companies?

No! We will not divulge any information including your email address to any other agency.  Instead of financing our operations through advertising as most websites do, Pooltrackers relies solely on paid memberships and by remaining ad-free, we can provide our users a safe haven from marketing.

2.) Pool creation

How many people can join my pool?
You may have as many people you wish join your pool. We charge one low rate for pools with under 250 users and have a second rate for pools over 250 users. We do reserve the right to add an additional charge for pools over 1000 users.

How do people join my pool?
Go to Manager Functions, then click on Quick Join and you should see a URL that for joining your pool. Simply pass this link out to people who you would like to join the pool.

May I create more than one pool?
Yes, you can create more than one pool in the same season, format or sport or you may wish to create pools in different sports.  Each pool you create will generate a tab for you to easily manage each pool.  We also have a migrate pool options which allows you to move your poolies from year to year or pool to pool.

What if I require changes to my pool settings?
You are able to manage your settings for each pool through your Manager Functions menu. 

How do I pay for my pool?
After you create a pool, you will receive an email with a link to Paypal to complete your transaction.  If you wish, there is also this information listed in the Manager Functions menu named Invoice.  Note - your poolies will not be able to enter picks until the invoice is paid.

I don't know how many people will be in my pool. Can I wait to pay until everyone has joined?
Absolutely, however your users will not be able to make picks until your pool is paid in full.   

3.) Picks

When are my picks due?

The due date is set by the pool manager, but for weekly pools (for example, the NFL regular season) it is usually 5 minutes before the first game time. See the Main Menu for the exact time your picks are due.

What if someone forgets to enter picks?

The site will apply the pick penalty that was set during the creation of the pool. Any individual or team who has failed to enter their picks before the deadline will be awarded the same points for the total wins of the worst individual in their division less whatever was set as the penalty. (Ex... You set your pool to have a missed pick penalty of one. Bob misses picks. Week ends and Tom has 6 wins after the week and has the lowest score in his division. Bob is then awarded 5 points for the week). We have added a 'no picks = no points' option for the pool managers. If this option is chosen during the pool setup, players that miss weeks will not be rewarded any points for that week.  You may also choose to set a default for missed picks that can be customized by you - choose Home, Away, Favored or Underdogs.

Can I change my picks?

Yes, you can change your picks as often as you like, up until the pick deadline.

Can there be changes made to my picks after the deadline?
Yes, but only the pool administrator may make these changes.  All requests for this need to be sent to your administrator as we will not honor any pick change/add requests from users without the administrators consent.

Can other people see my picks?
Others can see your picks after the deadline for entering picks for that week has passed. You and others will be able to view and print off the pick grid page to use it follow along throughout the weekend.

How come I'm not receiving my picks in email?
Check that your email address is correct in the 'edit profile' part of your menu on the left side bar. If it is correct, then ensure that if you have any spam filtering that you allow email from the pooltrackers.com domain. Please note that Survivor pools will not send out any confirmation emails of picks.

The picks shown on the website are not the same picks I entered. I should have more wins in the standings. Can you fix it for me?
Absolutely not. You are responsible for confirming that your own picks get accepted by the website and we don't ever change anyone's picks. You should have received a confirmation by email and if there is a discrepancy you should forward the confirmation email to your pool administrator.

I entered my picks earlier in the week but now it says that I didn't enter. Can you enter my picks for me now?
Sorry, but no. You are responsible for confirming that your own picks get accepted by the website(ensure you click 'save' after entering your picks) and we don't ever change anyone's picks. After you submit your picks, the system will send you an e-mail message indicating the teams that you've picked. Please save this e-mail for your records. If there is still dispute over picks, contact your pool owner for a final ruling.

I entered my picks but I have not received any confirmation email?
Check that your email address is correct in the 'edit profile' part of your menu on the left side bar.Please ensure that our site (pooltrackers.com) is listed as an allowable site in your spam/antivirus software. Failure to do so may result in your confirmation emails being bounced back to our server.

I try to enter my picks by clicking but receive a Page Not Found error. What should I do?
Please try logging out then closing and re-opening your web browser. Then login again and retry.


4.) Standings/Updates

When are the standings updated?
The standings are updated automatically by the system within an hour (or sooner) of the completion of each set of games.  Thursday games, Saturday game, Sunday afternoon games, Sunday evening games and MNF.  The site now automatically calculates the standings as final scores are updated by the system. 

What if there is a discrepancy between my picks and the standings calculations?
The site will calculate the standings based on your last saved picks on the system.  If you have made multiple changes, ensure that you are viewing the proper pick confirmation sheet. If there are still concerns with the standings, contact your pool administrator.

How come I can't see my picks in the pick grid after I enter them?
The picks are cached to reduce the load on our server. You should see them within an hour. You should also receive an email confirmation that your picks were entered successfully.

Is the MNF Tiebreaker the closest to the total without going over?

No, our program takes the absolute difference between your prediction and the total combined score on Monday night. You can be over or under the actual total, the person closest wins.

In the Overall Standings, what does the "Tiebreaker Difference column mean?
Every week you enter a guess for the last game's total points. The difference is calculated to be the difference between the actual score and this guess. The difference may be used as a tiebreaker to determine a weekly winner. In the Overall Standings, the Tiebreaker Difference column is the total of all of these differences. It indicates how well the person has guessed the tiebreaker points over the season.

How come I have different values for Total Correct and Total Points? Shouldn't they be the same?
Not necessarily. If you miss entering your picks for a week, you will receive 0 for total correct but may still receive points (penalty points).


 5.) User profiles/Passwords

How Do I Change My Email Address, Alias etc?
To change your email address and other information, click the 'Your Profile' link at the top right of your main menu. This will take you to the edit profile page where you can make all of your changes.

What is the difference between an 'alias' and a 'username'?
The alias is a name you have chosen to be known as in your pool, your username is what you have chosen to log in to the site with. It is important that you keep these to names seperate so that you do not have difficulties logging into the site. 

I know my username and password but I still can't log in.
Firstly ensure that you are using your site user name and not your pool alias. If your username and password are correct and you still can't log in, it's probably because your browser is set to not accept cookies. Cookies are harmless and are necessary for you to use the site. Set your browser to accept cookies and you'll be able to log in. 

Can I change my password?
You may change your password by, clicking the 'Your Profile' link at the top right of your main menu. This will take you to the edit profile page where you can make all of your changes or you may click 'reset password' on the log in screen and the system will generate a new password and send it to the email address you entered on the system. 

Can you send me my password if I have forgotten it?
No, we cannot retrieve your password as they are encoded when you create them.  If you need a new password follow the steps in the latter part of the last FAQ question.

As a pool managers, I am confused about pool passwords and my login password - which should I give out?

There are two types of passwords:

1) Your user account has a password associated with it. This is private for you and should never be given out.

2) Your pool may have a password (or it may be blank). This password is what you would give out to people that you would like to join your pool. They enter your pool name and the pool password on the Join Pool form.

What if I still have some questions?
You can use the Contact Us form.